About ZDoomGL
ZDoomGL is an OpenGL port of ZDoom, programmed by Timmie. Originally it was programmed by Michael 'Kokak' Ryssen, but once he got a job working at UbiSoft, development on the port slowed considerably (and eventually stopped). Sometime after, Timmie picked up development, and rewrote the port from scratch to be up to date with the latest version(s) of ZDoom. The current version is considerably more stable and 'professional' than the original, and is well on the way to becoming one of the best OpenGL ports out there (if it isn't already).

Along with all the special features of ZDoom, ZDoomGL has extra graphical features to improve the Doom experience.

OpenGL Rendering - Using the speed and capabilities of modern video cards, OpenGL breathes life into the outdated graphics of the original Doom. It allows for high framerates at high resolutions, 32bit colour (as opposed to the original 8bit), true 3d rendering (looking up and down is possible without geometry deformation), and much more...

Anisotropic/Trilinear Texture Filtering - Supported by newer video cards, Anisotropic Texture Filtering greatly improves texture quality, especially on textures viewed at an acute angle.

Multitexture Shaders - Shaders can be used to create special effects on textures, like adding shine to steel textures.

High Quality Texture Resizing - Using the hq2/3/4x technology, ZDoomGL can apply these filters to all textures to improve the sharpness and quality of the original low-res textures, so they look kess blurry in high resolutions.

Of course, more features are on the way, like dynamic lighting, 3d models support, and more...