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Ok, ZDoomGL v2 For Real This Time
Ok, I think that's enough of a break from things :)  I'm finally looking at restarting ZDoomGL once again.  Things are still in the research and planning phase but at least things are progressing!  Stuff I'm looking at this time around:

OpenGL 2.0 Required
The new materials system is going to use GLSL exclusively, at least for now.
New Materials System
I'm looking at using a materials system that will automatically generate the high level shader code in the game engine.  You'll be able to edit said materials using a visual editor that I'm working on right now.  Hopefully it'll look something like the Unreal materials editor.  Should be interesting.  Basically it'll be like an uber version of the old "shaders" stuff that the current ZDoomGL stuff supports.  You'll be able to edit materials and then bind them to textures, at least that's the plan.
Normal/Specular Mapping
This goes hand in hand with the materials stuff, but everything in the game will have those render passes.
Yes, dynamic shadows.  I've always thought there was nothing stopping people from adding it to the Doom engine, but nobody has yet.
Frame Effects
Heat haze, reflection/refraction, bloom, etc

All those things are going to be completely controllable by the mapper since what's the point of adding that stuff if you don't let the people with the artistic vision fiddle with it (at least, that's always been my thoughts on engine features)?

No real timeline on things since I do have a real job that I quite enjoy, but I'll do my best at keeping people updated on my progress (or lack of it).  Oh, and I'm not planning on doing any more private alpha/beta releases.  Any release is going to be 100% public, source and all.

edit: ok, the list stuff doesn't work on the news page...

ZDoomGL v2
So work on ZDoomGL v2 has started.  No screenshots (or much info) just yet, just letting people know that the rewrite has begun!  I'll probably go with more public betas this time around, though, so people can see progress more often.

edit:  ok, I lie.

No sprites, lots of rendering glitches still, but I think I've finally nailed the depthfog.  Also, OpenGL 2.0 support is required.

edit: bunch more screenshots...

ZDoomGL 0.81 Officially Released
At long last, 0.81 has been officially released.  You can download it from our Sourceforge site here:

This release has support for dynamic lights and enhanced support for the shaders (documentation is still on the way, but it hasn't changed from the last test releases).

I'm going to be abandoning this codebase now and moving on to the full rewrite.  I have the ZDoom 2.1.0 source (from the zdoom forums) compiling and am currently getting that up and running.  I already have the polymost renderer working, although that's just for testing the new OpenGL init code (which should be far more robust than the old init code).

v2 will basically require vertex and fragment program support on the video card, so Geforce2's and below are going to be out of luck (sorry to say).  It was just getting way too limiting having to support all those low-end cards.

Anyway, hopefully I'll have some screenshots in a week or so!

Still Around
Hmm, I haven't been around much lately.  I'm still adjusting my sleeping patterns to the new job (I was off work for almost 3 months, so I really got in the habit of sleeping in late) so I've been too tired to work on ZDoomGL much lately.  But fear not, I have been poking at it!

Graf Zahl sent me some good stuff that pretty much got self-referencing sectors working properly:

There's also a bunch of optimizations and stuff included in what was sent over, but it will have to wait until this version is released because it'll take a bit of work to get it in.

I think the next version is almost ready to be released.  The main thing that's left is polyobjects aren't being lit properly by the lights right now (side effect of an optimization to the lights).

So I am still around, if anyone was wondering...

Hooray, New Job!
Well, may as well put this here...  I recently accepted a job at Electronic Arts Canada, so now I get paid to make games!  But you may be wondering "where does this leave ZDoomGL?"  Well, I'll still be working on it, so no worries there.  Hell, it pretty much got me this new job, so I can't quit now ;)

This is also why I haven't been around much, lately.  I've been searching for a new job and had been interviewing at EA for probably the last month.  It was a pretty long process, actually, and keeping it from my current (now former) employers was a bit stressful.

But now the dust has settled and my life can go back to normal, and I've been dusting off the ol' ZDoomGL source to track down those last few bugs that are holding up an official release: depthfog still messed up on ATI cards and a crash with the texture manager that I'm having trouble tracking down.

So I haven't vanished off the face of the earth and I'm actually pretty excited to be working on ZDoomGL again.